Cutesy headline patrol

I like clever headlines but there are some cutesy ones –usually variations of cliches on articles about e-health– that get on my nerves. At the risk of being the pot calling the kettle black or throwing stones from my glass house, I’m going to start pointing out examples.

Here are two annoying ones from the past week:

I can’t link to the second one since it’s not posted yet. (I saw it in print.)

March 10, 2009

3 thoughts on “Cutesy headline patrol”

  1. Good point! I have to admit, I once wrote an article called, “Waitress, there’s a flu in my soup” — it was about the fact that restaurant workers aren’t typically paid for sick time so they come in sick and serve your food. If anyone should stay home, it’s them. So thanks, now I’ll have to be on my toes when writing so-called “clever” headlines. 🙂

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