Grand Rounds 5:24 at the Health Business Blog

Welcome to Grand Rounds 5:24 at the Health Business Blog. This is my fifth or sixth time hosting, depending on how you count things. Hope you like it.

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Freak show

Dr. Octopus.  Time for the Medical Board of California to throw out the IVF doc responsible for octuplets and other outrages, writes EverythingHealth.

Controller freak. Say goodbye to parental judgment and hello to Playstation palmar hidradenitis, says On The Wards.

Reality Bites. Remember what happened when commercialism took over video in that movie? Diabetes Mine sees something similar seeping in from Sanofi-Aventis’s YouTube venture.

Fear of Facebook. Facebook won’t kill the kids, (though they might end up with hairy palms). Neuroanthropology has more.

NFW Club. A surgeon/MBA/blogger tries to negotiate a deal with his insurance company. Nice try, buddy.  From Healthcare Collaboration.

Gain from Pain. Mountaineering improves self-esteem, at least among Iranians. And the more pain the better, reports Medicine for the Outdoors.

The doctor/patient relationship

Reality really does bite. British reality TV star Jade Goody is 27 and dying of cervical cancer. There’s a lesson somewhere about how doctors and patients interact says The Blog That Ate Manhattan.

Third opinion. Don’t blame patients for problems created by the medical profession, urges Duncan Ross.

Send in the gomers. A lot of patients who come to the ER should really go to the clinic instead, opines Emergiblog.

Gag me with a spoon. InsureBlog takes issue with docs who try to prevent patients from writing online reviews.

UpToDate mandate? Point-of-care information and decision support tools are good for you, says Better Health.

Twittfest. A Twitter discussion on how to get patients to remember what the doctor orders. From Clinical Cases.

Quick dip. Revealed: a rapid way to diagnose bacterial sinusitis. Still up in the air: can you just use a urine dipstick? Thanks to Allergy Notes.

Patients my dear

A day and night in the life. Twenty four hours with diabetes from Six Until Me.

Teen time. The time to reach people is when they are young. From Teen Health 411.

Rare. It’s actually quite common to have a rare disease, notes A Chronic Dose.

Self-help salon

Pain. How To Cope with Pain from How To Cope with Pain.

Flashbacks. Dealing with the PTSD of illness from In Sickness and In Health.

Take five. Five tips for a healthy March from Doc Gurley.

What’s in it for me? How docs can profit from the federal government’s stimulus package, by The Entrepreneurial MD.

Wonk station

Rational. You didn’t think Covert Rationing Blog was going to remain silent when the national discussion turned to rationing health care, did you?

Buns and gutter. DoD shouldn’t pay for breast cancer research when there are next-generation fighter planes to procure. Thanks to Kennedy’s Tumor.

Big Blue and you. IBM is pushing for wide adoption of the technology-centered patient-centered medical home, according to Nuts for Healthcare.

HIT and me. New research indicates health care information technology can save money while reducing complications and mortality. From Healthcare Technology News.

Summitry. Stimulating stimulus discussion on Health IT from HealthBlawg.

More research needed. Smoking is bad for you, cigarette companies are trying to make tobacco appealing, and people would stop if they thought smoking was harming their pets. ACP Internist is the source.

I know what you did last summer. Photos from a tour of a pharmaceutical research site courtesy of GrrlScientist.

Logoland. The International Academy of Functional Sports Medicine Logo Design award has been bestowed by The Fitness Fixer.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Next week’s host sent along the following:

Doc Gurley is hosting next week’s Grand Rounds – the first Grand Rounds LIVE, a webinar hosted live (and edited/recorded for later viewing). Our hosts will be Doc Gurley, Colin Son (our Grand Rounds Medscape guru) and a special mystery guest. The optional theme? Improv, of course. Feel free to stretch the topic past the breaking point [Do you improvise when it comes to health care? Should you? Do you flourish in the unscripted moments we all face? Will we as a nation improvise a healthcare plan?].

Submit your posts by the deadline and be sure to head over to for special instructions on how to tune in to the live performance March 9, Monday at 6pmPacific/9pmEastern. Join us then for an audience-participation live-action Q&A, polls, and virtual field-trips to see blogs. Who will be the mystery guest? Will Grand Rounds Live visit your site during the performance? Will there be a wardrobe malfunction? Will Colin discover that Doc Gurley is actually an pregnant alien with psychic teeth – and a thing for her shirtless garbage collector? Tune in for more…

Thanks for listening!

March 3, 2009

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