SimulConsult in Business Week

I’m an advisor to SimulConsult, an advanced decision support software company I’ve described before. It’s a perfect example of the type of “disruptive innovation” popularized by Clay Christensen. Christensen himself seems to agree, citing the company in his new book The Innovator’s Prescription and now in Business Week (A Disruptive Solution for Health Care)

Consider tools made by SimulConsult, which help physicians make diagnoses that previously required referrals to costlier specialists. SimulConsult’s online medical-decision support tool analyzes information from physicians about a patient’s condition, and then suggests likely diagnoses, based on information about diseases collected in a wiki-like fashion from a large peer-reviewed community of experts. Similar systems for consumer use are being developed to help patients decide when it’s time to seek medical care.

Christensen also argues against pursuing a “top down” approach, and favors empowering consumers instead. I’m all for that.

March 2, 2009

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