Podcast interview with iTriage co-founder Dr. Wayne Guerra

iTriage is an impressive iPhone app that its maker refers to as “healthcare in your hand.” With iTriage, someone who’s feeling sick can get more information about what’s ailing them, and then help locate the right place for care –whether an ER, urgent care clinic, or retail clinic. iTriage partners with a telemedicine provider so users can talk directly to a doctor, and they offer  connections to nurse call lines run by health plans. HealthGrades reports are available for users who want to check out provider quality and there is even a cost negotiation service when the medical bill is too high.

iTriage is pretty cool. It’s clear that its inventors know the health care system inside and out and really empathize with the patient. It’s well-conceived from a business standpoint, too –fitting in particularly well with the new structure of the App Store, which allows for in-app purchases.

I think you’ll enjoy this discussion with Dr. Wayne Guerra, co-founder and chief medical officer of Healthagen, the maker of iTriage.

April 3, 2009

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