Big Pharma and Twitter = Big joke!

In  Why Drug Companies Prefer Twitter Over Blogs BNET Pharma points out that there are only four big pharma blogs, including GSK’s brand new site.

Drug companies thus far have been far more interested in Twitter than blogging. Check out AstraZeneca’s Twitter stream: 420 updates! They’re addicted! There’s a reason for that … which I’ll get to below.

I agree that there’s not much blog activity from big pharma. But the Twitter presence is even more pathetic. Let’s have a quick look at the top 10 pharma companies and their presence on Twitter.

Twittersquatting isn’t exactly like the old cybersquatting. It should be easy for these companies to at least claim their Twitter URLs, so why haven’t they even done that? It doesn’t seem like much to expect.

PS –I’ve posted a new entry showing the status of the top 10 branded drugs and the story is similar.

May 22, 2009

11 thoughts on “Big Pharma and Twitter = Big joke!”

  1. “AstraZeneca” seems to mostly post news stories unfavorable to AZ, so I don’t think it is affiliated with the company.

  2. Thanks for pointing out the wiki, Jonathan. After going through it I see J&J has (as in communications). That made me think to look up, which turns out to be run by Tief im Suden, which links to Mt 18:20 Today, “Daily glimpses from the writings of the 19th century awakening & other theological musings”

    Similarly Roche has

    What do you make of Marilynn’s speculation that the AZ site isn’t affiliated with the company?


  3. @AstraZeneca is not affiliated with AZ in any way. Just take a look at the stories and you’ll see why. @AstraZenecaUS is from the company, as best as I have been able to tell from my research. Roche_com is for sure affiliated with Roche.

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