Can we get these guys into the health care biz?

We needed to find a hotel on Cape Cod tonight but since it’s peak season we had a hard time. Our usual trusted chains were booked as was an independent place where we sometimes stay. So rather than heading back to Boston I looked at TripAdvisor and found the Hyannis Travel Inn, an inexpensive but highly rated spot.

The price was right, too. Only $123 with AAA discount. When I called to check availability they quoted me $107. Perfect. I got to the front desk, checked in, and noticed a guy next to me using a coupon from the same catalog I’d picked up at a rest stop along the way. When I asked my check in clerk if I could get a better rate with a coupon he said, sure, he could give me that rate: $58.99.

Glad I asked.

The place is clean and recently renovated. Nothing fancy but it does have free wireless and free breakfast. Talk about value for money.

This reminds me a bit of the health care business, where different people pay widely differing amounts for the same thing. The difference here is the price started at a reasonable rate and went down, and service was friendly all the way through the process.

July 24, 2009

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