Podcast interview with Talyst CEO Carla Corkern

Talyst makes hardware and software for remote, on-demand medication dispensing for hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. Often prescriptions for these facilities are purchased in 30-day blister packs. But things change: prescriptions change, patients die, prisoners get moved around  or released and so on. A lot of times drugs get wasted as a result. The Talyst system looks pretty interesting and I’m not surprised the company is gaining traction.

I spoke today with Carla Corkern, Chairman and CEO of Talyst. We talked about the company’s value proposition, integration with existing information and distribution systems, costs, and how Talyst fits into healthcare reform overall. Since Carla’s background is in high tech and supply chain, I was also interested in her impressions of the healthcare space.

Carla was on a cellphone and the audio isn’t great. If you can’t handle it, just read the transcript.

August 3, 2009

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