Podcast interview with MedApps CEO Kent Dicks

Wandering around the floor of the Connected Health Symposium, I was lucky to run into Kent Dicks. He’s CEO of MedApps, a company I’ve been following since its founding a few years back. I like the company’s focus on the development of simple, powerful, home-based wireless remote health monitoring systems. This is a tough field, where the disappointments have far outweighed the successes over the past decade or more, but the tide is shifting. The main enablers are the emergence of lower cost, simpler, more reliable systems like this one, and increasing acceptance of the technology by patients and physicians. Over time we’re likely to see the reimbursement environment improve.

In our brief discussion, Kent described MedApps’ approach and contrasted it with other systems on the market.

You can also read the transcript.

October 26, 2009

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