Podcast interview with Paul Brient, CEO of PatientKeeper

Paul Brient was one of the sharpest people in my business school and BCG cohorts and I have not been at all surprised by his success as CEO of PatientKeeper, a company that helps physicians who practice in hospitals to integrate information from a variety of IT systems.

PatientKeeper’s founders realized that there was an opportunity to increase physician use of IT by developing systems that focused on their needs. Over the past decade PatientKeeper has worked on turning that insight into reality. Now with ARRA, PatientKeeper is helping hospitals attain meaningful use. That’s a tricky business because hospitals are dependent on physicians they don’t employ to actually use the systems that are put in place.

In this podcast interview we spoke about PatientKeeper’s progress, the effect of the recession, meaningful use, and the impact on patients when their physicians use PatientKeeper.

October 5, 2009

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