Devotion School flu clinic canceled for tomorrow?

Update 9:30 am –Flu Clinic is definitely on for today according to David Greiff of Care Dynamix, which is running the clinic.

Update 8:15 am November 2 –Spoke to Robert Blakey at Flu Busters who informs me the flu clinic is still on for today. I hope he’s right


Something tells me things could be ugly tomorrow, November 2 at the Devotion School flu clinic in Brookline, MA. Normally I get my seasonal flu shot at my doctor’s office, but this year he doesn’t have any. Luckily my local elementary school scheduled a flu clinic with Flu Busters, run by an organization known as Care Dynamix. I filled out my online form, paid in advance by credit card, and received tickets via email to print out.

But then in Thursday’s Brookline Tab (the local newspaper) I happened to read an article about Brookline running out of flu vaccine and turning people away from flu clinics. According to the article:

Dr. Alan Balsam, the town’s health director, said the town ran out of seasonal flu vaccine shortly after opening a flu clinic at Putterham Golf Course yesterday, forcing workers to turn away as many as 75 people. Health officials had already canceled a clinic scheduled for next Tuesday at the Devotion School.

Really? I didn’t receive any notice about it from Flu Busters. The Friday Update from Devotion (sent October 30) still contains a reminder for the flu clinic on Monday. The Brookline Health Department website has a suspiciously large amount of white space on the Annual Flu Clinic page where it looks like the Devotion clinic and maybe others used to be listed before being deleted. But there’s no mention I can find about a cancellation.

A search on the Flu Busters website turns up nothing for tomorrow in Brookline.

Maybe the news of the cancellation went out and I somehow missed it. In any case I can’t believe I’m the only one who isn’t clear exactly what’s going on. And I don’t think people will be too thrilled when they turn up tomorrow and find out the clinic’s been canceled. If in fact it has…

November 1, 2009

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  1. Huh. My PCP is at Health Care Associates, and I walked in to get it without a problem. I was planning to go in mid to late October, but I’m glad I got it in September.

    I know that some employers have had plenty through their on site employee clinics.

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