Health care: Giving it the old college try

The Wall Street Journal reports that more college students are looking to their schools for health care as parents lose jobs and coverage. College-sponsored health insurance and health clinics can be decent but there is wide variation.

Maybe we’re entering a new era where health care becomes a competitive point among colleges and universities. When I was in college in the 1980s it was just before the era of lavish gyms and accommodations. I missed out on those but have seen some fairly outrageous facilities at Boston University, near where I live.

Now that that wave has crested, maybe we’ll see schools build more medical and wellness centers and offer innovative health insurance programs. It’s not sexy but perhaps more attuned to the times.

November 5, 2009

One thought on “Health care: Giving it the old college try”

  1. Both schools my kids attend require proof of health coverage Maryland has upped the age group plans have to cover and that’s a big help.

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