Who's reading the Health Business Blog today?

Per Lofberg was appointed president of CVS Caremark’s pharmacy benefit management business this morning, and traffic to the Health Business Blog had a minor spike. Turns out a search for Per Lofberg on Google brings up my interview with him from early 2009 among the first few results.

Just for the heck of it I decided to check the popular search terms bringing people to the blog today, something that’s easily done with Statcounter, the free website statistics service I use. Sure enough, about a third of the last five hundred searches that led to the blog were for “Per Lofberg” or some variant thereof.

I eyeballed the other terms, and they divide into a few main areas:

  • Health business¬† –including several seeking information on Practice Fusion‘s business model (they have a free, web-based EHR)
  • Policy –not surprising, given the current health reform debate. Nursing homes in reform seems a popular one today
  • Medical tourism –this was a topic I used to cover a lot
  • Some other David Williams –I guess I shouldn’t be too offended when searches for topics like “Dr. David Williams quack” or “Dr. David Williams scam” lead people to my site. Still, I wonder who this guy is (could be more than 1)
  • Consumer — such as “can cell phones cause autism,” “port wine stain ivf”, “truth about generic drugs” and “cvs forcing people off lipitor”

To me (and perhaps only to me) this is interesting information. There were, however, a few somewhat concerning searches from what appear to be patients. For example (with typos preserved):

  • “accidental ingestion of lsd while on oxycontin maintenace”
  • “i have no healh insurance and are having chest pains what do i do”
  • “buy black market percocet with no membershipfees”
  • “situation who may worsing patient to worse in e.r”
December 21, 2009

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  1. Let me know if you want any more information on Practice Fusion and our business model for those readers. I’d be glad to connect you with Ryan for another interview.

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