Cavalcade of Risk: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

Welcome to the February 24, 2010 edition of the Cavalcade of Risk.

Sex and swearing

Having sex can boost your immune system, reports InsureBlog. Now that people know how good it is for them perhaps they’ll indulge more often.

Swearing and punching walls don’t sound like the kind of activities Starbucks should have to put up with from their patrons. But when the customer is a regular who suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome, things aren’t quite so straightforward. Workers Comp Insider explains.

Health insurance

It would be nice if cost control were as simple as bullying health insurers to restrain rate increases. Disease Management Care Blog demonstrates the futility of that approach.

Chatswood worries that state-sponsored health insurance would gravitate toward the lowest common denominator and argues that it’s worthwhile to maintain at least some private insurance.

Three-quarters of those who have health insurance are happy with it. No wonder they get nervous about reform when they know it means change, says Colorado Health Insurance Insider.

All kinds of insurance

Do you need long term disability income insurance? Jeff Rose thinks you probably do –and I agree.

What about mortgage protection life insurance? Consumer Boomer says you may want to pass on it.

Psst! Looking to get a good deal on life insurance? Silicon Valley Blogger lets you in on a few tips.

You are interested in learning about mortgage loan insurance that protects lenders in Canada, and Canadian Finance Blog is pleased to oblige.

So much for buying insurance. When the time comes, what are the options for beneficiaries to receive their payouts? Free Money Finance pulls back the veil.

A couple more risks to consider

$1 billion burning a hole in your pocket? On average that should be enough to develop one new drug, says Healthcare Economist. (If you want to take an easier path, Health Business Blog suggests placebo may be the next blockbuster.)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. 2 Cents suggests planning for elevated risk levels over the next decade or so. (BTW: the first sentence was used in the promo for Jaws 2. An anagram of it is, “It’s Jaws Two: But once again we / they outfought the shark.”)

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February 24, 2010

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