Applying airline and hotel concepts to hospital design

Design firm Priestmangoode has prepared a Health Manifesto to argue for a bigger role for design in health care. They have outlined some interesting principles, culminating in the Priestmangoode Recovery Lounge show in the photo above. Looks pretty good to me.

Here’s their list:

  1. Nothing touches the floor –furniture floats above the floor for easy cleaning, like Motel 6
  2. Privacy in every space, for every patient –like first class seats on Swiss
  3. Cheap doesn’t mean poor quality –like modular, low-cost hotel rooms for ETAP
  4. Speed –fast turnaround times like airplanes coming in and out of gates
  5. Better information systems to reassure patients and families –like the way-finding system in the new Heathrow Terminal 5
  6. Reduce the amount of work for people in the system –like the focus on making things easy for airline cabin crews
  7. Smarter, more functional use of space –like hotel/airline central columns that contain electricity, water pipes, Internet/phone cables, desk, mirror, sink
  8. At home in hospital –pay as you go entertainment (TV, music, computers)
  9. Can’t they just be nicer to look at? –pay attention to aesthetics and good feelings will follow
  10. The Priestmangoode Recovery Lounge –pulling all the concepts together into a new concept
March 19, 2010

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