Beyond khaki: Cooper Martin expands its collection with lounge pants

Last year I tried a pair of Cooper Martin’s stylish “recovery wear” –a pair of khaki pants that look and feel similar to the ones from Brooks Brothers that I usually wear. They were made of a nice, organic cotton, had pleats, deep pockets in the front and back welt pockets. But the pants also had  what Cooper Martin calls “Active Recovery Technology,” which includes hidden zippers on the outside of both legs so that the whole pant leg can come open. There was velcro at the bottom of each leg, and a loop of PVC rubber at the end of each zipper to keep them from slipping. The waistband had velcro that covers the zippers along with a snap in the front that’s easy to fasten and unfasten but that is hidden from view. Other hidden zippers start near the crotch and zip down below the knee for easy access.

Now Cooper Martin is launching the Luxe Collection of stylish lounge pants, which have many of the same features as the khakis but are designed for lounging around, doing errands, and so forth. The lounge pants incorporate side seam zippers that aren’t hidden (unlike on the khakis) but look stylish rather than medical. The lounge pants are a nice step up from sweatpants and are likely to be embraced by women who need the added functionality. I won’t be trying on a pair of these any time soon, but I wish Cooper Martin the best!

March 25, 2010

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