Live updates from forum on cardiovascular risk and HIV

The FDA, EMA (FDA’s European equivalent) and the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research will lead an open discussion on cardiovascular risk in HIV today. I’ll be providing live updates on Twitter @HealthBizBlog.

The meeting will be focused on cardiovascular disease risk in patients on HIV treatment.  Panelists, including experts from regulatory agencies, academia, industry and community groups will address:

  • Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Disease: Impact of traditional risk factors, aging, inflammation,chronic infection and pharmaceutical intervention.
  • Use of clinical trials and observational studies to identify the contribution of various risk factors to risk of cardiovascular disease  in patient subgroups – how do we identify those at risk and which  factor is operative?
  • Application of our understanding of risk factors and clinical studies to the care of individual patients, in the development of clinical guidelines and product labeling – how do we identify what risk factors are at work, how to intervene and how to counsel?


Update 10:10 am –Twitter is down, so this is not working out so far!

June 23, 2010

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