BYOMD in practice

I try to practice what I preach. This week I had a chance to see someone else put my advice into practice, although in this case they didn’t need to hear it from me.

When I was little I remember that my grandmother was resistant about going to the hospital. I ascribed it to small town ignorance or superstition, but now that I work in health care I fully understand her trepidation. I’m probably more reluctant than she ever was.

Anyway I always say if you go to the hospital make sure to bring someone to advocate for you, preferably an MD. They can make sure you are looked after properly and that errors are minimized.

This week on vacation one family member had a problem with his leg –looked like an infection, fracture or both. Though it was July 4 another family member who happens to be a skilled physician took the injured relative to the emergency department of the local hospital.

Our family member/MD had a look at the lab tests and x-rays, then gently and professionally guided the doc on duty to the right antibiotic. The only downside is it wasn’t much of a holiday morning for our family’s doc.

To implement the BYOMD strategy it helps to have one or more doctors in the family. When you see your family during summer vacation you might want to have a word about career choices with the younger generation.

Promise you won’t abuse them asking for favors later but will appreciate the occasional moment when you do need to call upon them.

July 6, 2010

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