Cavalcade of Risk #113

Welcome to the Cavalcade of Risk blog carnival! Knowing how busy you are, your host as applied a pretty tough filter to these submissions. What remains are the tastiest nuggets.

Health care risks

Disease Management Care Blog notes that most interventions target the tails of health care utilization. He’d rather address the full distribution.

Conventional wisdom says hospital re-admissions are a marker of poor quality hospital care. Healthcare Economist has a different take.

Insurance should be about risk, but when it comes to risk pools, that’s not always the case. InsureBlog pulls back the veil.

Way back in March, Colorado started reviewing a previously approved rate increase for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. It should have taken only a couple months, but things have gotten badly bogged down. Colorado Health Insurance Insider explains.

The Digerati Life lets us know about health care coverage options for the uninsured.


Black swan or golden goose? ComplexSearch asks whether it makes sense to try to get rich off the next rare, unanticipated event.

Oblivious Investor is displeased that Motley Fool’s retirement calculator ignores sequence of returns risk.

Other risks

Individual states and the Feds have been upping the penalties for employers who misclassify workers as independent contractors. Workers’ Comp Insider lets us know why the stakes just got higher in Massachusetts.

Can a scrabble strategy work with claims management? Insurance Writer thinks so.

September 8, 2010

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