Idiocracy again

Yesterday I expressed satisfaction that California was likely to veer off the Idiocracy path, by making drinking water available in cafeterias. Now a MedPage Today article (Teens May Mistake Sports Drinks as Good for Them) makes me realize the Idiocracy trend is pretty powerful.

Teens with otherwise healthy lifestyles often consume sports drinks and sugary fruit-flavored beverages in large quantities — perhaps because they mistakenly believe these products are good for them, researchers suggested.

“The most likely explanation for these findings is that FSBs [flavored and sports beverages] have been successfully marketed as beverages consistent with a healthy lifestyle, to set them apart from sodas,” [Nalini] Ranjit and colleagues concluded.

September 28, 2010

3 thoughts on “Idiocracy again”

  1. But David, if we can’t be idiots when we’re teenagers, when can we be? OK, on second thought don’t answer that. However, let kids be kids. In the scope of life, it’s a very short time period. Once they become adults, being an idiot carries (usually) higher-stake consequences. As for FSBs, I’ll bet they still contain more healthy ingredients in addition to the sugar than sodas.

  2. I’m not sure it’s fair to call teenagers idiots for drinking sports drinks. These are marketed as being hydrating. Hydration is healthy, right? Misinformation is different then brain malfunctioning.

    I do agree that making water available is really important. That water should come from a tap, not a one-use, long-traveled, plastic bottle. Lack of water is a human rights issue! If sustainability at school doesn’t start with the basics — clean, available water — what are we teaching?

  3. surely he’s not calling the kids idiots, rather the adults who make the decision to stock the cafeterias with only sugary drinks, and those advertising standards bodies who allow sports drinks to be advertised as healthy solutions?

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