The end of idiocracy in California?

In the movie Idiocracy, a very average soldier named Joe is sealed in a time capsule. When he wakes up 500 years later the world has continued down its path toward idiocy and has basically fallen apart. On a relative basis, the guy is now a genius, and he begins trying to make things right. What’s so funny about the movie is that it represents an almost believable extrapolation of the path we’re headed on today.

Among the big things Joe finds upon his arrival in the future is that water isn’t being used much anymore. Crops are dying because they are being irrigated with Gatorade (or something similar). And of course no one thinks of actually drinking water.

Here’s an audio recording of a scene from Joe’s visit to the doctor’s office:

Joe: “Uh, excuse me. I think this might be Gatorade or something. I was just looking for some regular water.”
Doctor in Waiting Room (Joseph Cheatham): “Water?”
Joe: “Yeah.”
Doctor in Waiting Room: “You mean like in the toilet? What for?”
Joe: “You know, just to drink.”
Doctor in Waiting Room: “(laughing)”

Anyway, apparently this situation is not that far off reality of today’s California.From the LA Times (Bill seeks to add free water to school menus):

In many California school cafeterias, there’s no free water to drink. Surprised?

“Everyone I talked to says, ‘You’re kidding,’ ” said state Sen. Mark Leno (D- San Francisco).

“As we all know, young people are constantly bombarded by advertisements and pressure from their peers to consume junk beverages that are high in calories and sugar. Yet many students do not have access to free, fresh drinking water at lunchtime,” Leno said in material promoting his bill.

“You just don’t imagine in our country in 2010 that there isn’t free water to drink while you are having a meal. But there isn’t,” said Kenneth Hecht, executive director of California Food Policy Advocates, an Oakland-based organization that supported the legislation.

Luckily thanks to Leno and others, it seems we may veer from the Idiocracy path. It seems kids actually do like to drink cold water if it’s offered to them.

September 27, 2010

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