HIVMA Scholarship Opportunity for Minority Clinicians

The Forum for Collaborative HIV Research and the HIV Medicine Association seek nominations for five minority clinicians working in underserved settings. Winners will attend the November 2010 National Summit on HIV Diagnosis, Prevention and Access to Care in Washington, DC as award recipients.

Nominees should be physicians, nurses or physician assistants whose attendance will contribute to the mission of the Summit and who stand to benefit by attending.

The Summit’s mission is to address and support the continued implementation of CDC’s recommendations for increased HIV testing and to further identify and build upon strategies for HIV diagnosis, prevention, linkage to and retention in care. The objective is to highlight the progress made in the four years since the recommendations were released and plan how to move from pilot and demonstration projects to sustainable programs.

If you wish to nominate someone, please provide the following information to Ben Hauschild from the Forum for Collaborative HIV research via email by Monday, October 11.

  • Nominee’s first and last name
  • Degrees
  • Position
  • Contact information
  • Affiliation (organization or program)
  • How the nominee’s participation would contribute to the Summit
  • How the nominee would benefit from participating in the Summit
October 8, 2010

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