Quest Diagnostics CMO Jon Cohen discusses new Gazelle mobile app

Leading lab company Quest Diagnostics just released the Gazelle app for iPhone and Blackberry, which enables people to see, store, and share their Quest lab results. Quest will provide patients with access to their results 48 hours after releasing them to the ordering physician –at least in the 33 states and DC where it’s legal to do so. Patients who want to fax or email lab results to another doctor can do so from within Gazelle. They can also perform other typical personal health record tasks.

Quest hopes Gazelle will differentiate the company from other labs and advance its goals of patient centricity, quality of care, and transparency.

In this podcast interview, Quest Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jon Cohen provides the rationale for Gazelle and details on how it works.

October 28, 2010

3 thoughts on “Quest Diagnostics CMO Jon Cohen discusses new Gazelle mobile app”

  1. Is that state of Maryland and New Jersey included in the 33 states that you can get your Lab results via one of the new phones

    Who in the remaining 17 states controls the release of the lab results

  2. Yes, New Jersey and Maryland both allow the release results and are included in the list of state results are delivered to via Gazelle.

    The states that prohibit the release of results directly from labs are below:
    New York
    Puerto Rico
    Rhode Island

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