Usablenet product strategist discusses CIGNA Mobile

Usablenet extends consumer facing websites to mobile platforms. The company got its start 10 years ago with mobile applications for business travelers. Since then it’s expanded into other industries including health care. The new CIGNA Mobile application, powered by Usablenet, enables members to find in-network providers (such as urgent care clinics) while they’re on the road, and provides a variety of other self-service functionality.

In the podcast interview Usablenet’s VP of Global Product Strategy discusses the Usablenet approach overall and CIGNA Mobile specifically.

November 12, 2010

One thought on “Usablenet product strategist discusses CIGNA Mobile”

  1. Great interview Dave.

    However, we don’t get Cigna’s application – looks like another overfeatured, underclarified iTriage/Healthagen knockoff (itself overfeatured & underclarified).

    When we tried it here (not on a phone, but still) it’s not a usability marvel. We’d specify why, but then we’d have to swear you to secrecy… 😉

    Usablenet clearly has talent, but we fear their client has not through what they really want Usability to accomplish for them with mobile.

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