MEDecision seeks room for health plans in the medical home

In this podcast interview, MEDecision’s vice president of medical home initiatives Matt Adamson lays out his vision of patient centered medical homes and neighborhoods and Accountable Care Organizations. He argues that these new clinical care models are best served when health plans are closely involved. In his view, the new entities can benefit from the care coordination data and tools available from health plans through MEDecision. Adamson is convinced that medical homes and ACOs have important roles to play in bending the health care cost curve, and thus are unlikely to be threatened by the ongoing political wrangling in Washington, DC.

January 20, 2011

2 thoughts on “MEDecision seeks room for health plans in the medical home”

  1. Just read a great article by John Moore on 2011 Predictions which line well with your approach to Health Plans and HCOS. I provided comments on at my blog which also includes a reference to the BCBS-MA Alternative Quality Contract article which is a wealth of information … lots on measurements with a ACO adopter. Thanks again for your great approach.

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