myDrugCosts provides transparency on a mobile platform

Dan Pollard, founder and CEO of myDrugCosts, Inc. is working on a solution that fits perfectly into the transparency and mobile health trends I discussed in my 2011 predictions post. (now in public beta) allows patients to engage about drug costs, either at the point of care or before or after a doctor’s visit. It goes well beyond the usual advice to switch to generics  by offering information about alternative products within the class and different dosage forms. It also goes beyond the health plan’s drug formulary information by including information on discounted retail purchase options that are sometimes cheaper than the plan’s copay and even includes details about co-pay coupons offered by brand name companies.

myDrugCosts can be used on a smartphone or a computer. In this demo, I walk through three examples from the perspective of someone on the North Carolina State Health Plan.

  1. For lisinopril I highlight the discount retail options
  2. For Imitrex I review the plan’s restrictions and available generics
  3. For Lipitor I display information about a manufacturer’s co-pay coupons
[youtube] What I like about the application is it’s developed to provide the key information upfront, which would make it possible to use it in real-time during a physician visit. It’s easy to dive into more detail when needed, for example to learn how to submit a prescription to a PBM for mail order.

I look forward to seeing how this offering develops.

January 27, 2011

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