Syncing Google Apps calendar, contacts, mail with iPhone 4

This isn’t a tech tips blog but I had so much trouble getting my new iPhone 4 to sync with Google Apps that I thought I’d share how I did it.

We use Google Apps for work and I had everything set up fine on my iPhone 3GS. According to Google Help, the way to sync Google Apps email, contacts and calendars is by setting up the account as a Microsoft Exchange Server. They have easy to follow instructions for doing that.

However, the only part that worked right was the contacts sync. Attempting to sync email produced errors connecting to the server, and nothing showed in my inbox. Oddly, I was able to send emails. I was also able to see my default calendar but not all the other Google Apps calendars I use, even after choosing the calendars I wanted on Google’s sync setup page for calendars. (Instructions here.)

After trial and error I arrived at the following configuration, which seems to be working:

  • Set up contact sync as a Microsoft Exchange Server account (as in Google’s instructions)
  • Set up mail as a Gmail account (not Exchange)
  • Set up calendars using CalDav

I don’t pretend this is the optimal solution but thought I would post my experience in case it helps anyone.

March 8, 2011

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