MedNetworks CEO Larry Miller on network analytics in health care

MedNetworks offers technology to map, analyze and influence online and offline social networks in health care. The company grew out of groundbreaking research by Harvard Professor Nicholas Christakis.

I spoke with MedNetworks CEO Larry Miller the day after attending a MedNetworks conference in Cambridge, MA. In this podcast interview Miller shares his impressions of the conference (including keynote speakers Juan Enriquez, James Fowler and Christakis) and describes how his company is helping its clients.

It’s not exactly a surprise that pharmaceutical companies are working with MedNetworks to understand influence patterns. But MedNetworks is also working with health plans and hospitals that are trying to form Accountable Care Organizations.

Network science is a new field, and Miller freely admits that there is still much progress to be made. It will be interesting to see how the company evolves and to observe the extent to which it influences changes in health care.

May 5, 2011

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