Heard on the beach: health care chatter

I decided to take a break from my 24×7 health care life, heading to Cape Cod for a day at the beach. I was relaxing, enjoying the sun (taking sun care precautions proper for a bald redhead) but couldn’t help but overhear two women nearby chatting about health care.

One had just moved to the Cape and was asking the other for advice on how to find a primary care physician. They’re in short supply more or less everywhere, and the Cape is no exception. In fact, the Cape is a tough place to make a living for a physician or to run a hospital because there are few people with commercial insurance.

The established resident suggested that the newcomer check out a new community health center on the Cape, where it’s easy to make an appointment and where “they take all insurances,” including MassHealth, i.e., Medicaid. The newcomer was a little skeptical because she has primary biliary cirrhosis, and was unsure about whether the health center would be able to serve her needs.

She didn’t say what kind of insurance she has, but this is one of those cases where I’d be a lot more comfortable with a generous commercial plan that made me an attractive patient to a gastroenterologist to co-manage along with a primary care physician from the community health center or wherever.

Anyway, I hope tomorrow the beach will be back to the more traditional small talk.

July 7, 2011

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