Smart money on Pfizer?

Seeking Alpha highlights what leading hedge funds are doing with Pfizer. Some are selling, but some savvy (i.e., very rich) investors like David Einhorn –who also holds a lot of Microsoft shares– are buying. It’s an interesting move.

Personally I find it hard to be bullish on Pfizer. Sure, they scored a victory against Teva and will be able to keep generic Viagra off the market for a few more years, but where is the replacement for Lipitor, the big seller that’s about to expire. Despite massive spending on R&D Pfizer really doesn’t seem to have what it takes to discover and develop new molecules. Most of the creative effort in the company seems devoted to planning out the next reorganization and downsizing, and this has been the case for some time.

Of course that doesn’t mean investors can’t make money on the stock in the near term. I just wouldn’t be a long term holder.

Anyone see things differently?

August 17, 2011

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