Cavalcade of Risk 145: Insurance Fest edition

Welcome to the 145th running of the Cavalcade of Risk. This edition’s submissions were overwhelmingly focused on insurance, with just a smattering of health care and miscellaneous posts.

Insurance, insurance, insurance

Begging to Retire learns the hard, crumply way that rental insurance is important –especially when renting a truck.

FreeMoneyFinance identifies ten (10!) types of insurance you should own. And he didn’t even consider rental car insurance.

Life insurance is an under-rated risk management tool. InsureBlog introduces a hilarious State Farm commercial to underline the point.

Long term care insurance can be pricey, but WalletBlog recommends purchasing it as soon as you can afford to.

My Wealth Builder suggests that earthquake insurance is a good deal if you live in a low probability area, where cost of coverage is low but potential payoff is high.

Bad news for those who heed FreeMoneyFinance and buy 10 types of insurance. Insurance Coverage Law in Massachusetts recommends keeping copies of all policies forever. That’s going to take a lot of file space.

The downside of getting rich is that your personal liability policies might not keep up. Risk Management for the 21st Century has some advice on how to cope.

The health care corner

US health plans gave up a lot in negotiations with the White House over the shape of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. But they got something very important in return: the individual mandate. Insurance Claims and Abuses asks what happens if the Supreme Court strikes down the mandate but leaves the rest of the Act intact?

Workers Comp Insider explores the fine distinctions between on-the-job injuries that qualify for workers compensation and those that do not.

Work in progress. Healthcare Economist takes a look at the current state of Accountable Care Organization implementation.

Don Berwick is stepping down from CMS. Just what can we expect from his replacement, Marilyn Tavenner? Disease Management Care Blog has some early thoughts.

The Joint Commission considers it too risky for doctors to text clinical orders. But as Health Business Blog notes, the Commission is overlooking important benefits.

ANZUS alley

Ozrisk takes a tough look at APS 330 Reports in the Australian context and concludes that the reports aren’t used much and have little to no impact even when they are.

Russell Hutchinson of Chatswood Money Blog hosts next time. And if you want to make CavRisk head honcho Hank Stern happy, please volunteer to host the January 25, 2012 edition.

November 30, 2011

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