Medicare Quiz from Kaiser: almost everyone can learn something

Kaiser Family Foundation has posted one of the most informative and well-packaged pieces I’ve ever seen on Medicare. I’d encourage everyone to have a go at the Medicare Quiz. It comprises 10 quick multiple choice questions. The questions are reasonably challenging without being esoteric. You get your score right at the end of the quiz, along with the correct answer (if you missed it) and an explanation of the answer.

I’m pretty savvy about Medicare but did miss two questions (share of low-income Medicare beneficiaries and share of beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions). At least I got all the policy questions right.

One nice thing about the quiz is that the answers provide direct links to Kaiser resources where you can learn more.

Well done Kaiser! I’d like to see someone organize a whole set of these quizzes on different topics (not just health care) for the 2012 elections.

February 3, 2012

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