Doximity: Professional network for physicians (podcast)

You might think the last thing the world needs is another social network, but in this podcast interview Jeff Tangney makes a compelling case for Doximity, the professional network for physicians that he co-founded. Doximity is a real-name, HIPAA-compliant network that enables physicians to exchange secure messages, share private contact information, and obtain curbside consults.

Jeff co-founded Epocrates and helped run the company for 10 years, so he knows a thing or two about physician needs. Doximity is optimized for mobile platforms and also provides its users with the opportunity to earn extra income through partnerships with expert networks. About 8 percent of US physicians are currently signed up and using the service.

I have to admit I’m also fond of the company’s name. In an era where it’s hard to find an original name they were clever enough to combine “doctor” and “proximity” into a smooth sounding word that describes the service well, is easy to spell and is not too long. It also sounds like oximetry.

March 5, 2012

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