EarlySense contact-free medical monitor. Discussion with CEO Avner Halperin

EarlySense develops and markets a contact-free monitoring system that measures and reports heart rate, respiration rate and patient movement on a real-time basis. The sensing plate is placed underneath the mattress and converts the patient’s cardioballistic effect, respiratory motion and large body movements into vital signs. EarlySense has a strong value proposition for hospitals and nursing homes: identify patient deterioration in the early stages before major interventions (e.g., transfer to ICU) are needed, reduce pressure ulcers, falls, and readmissions, leverage nursing staff time, and improve patient satisfaction.

I met today with CEO Avner Halperin, who gave me a tour of the company’s Waltham, Massachusetts headquarters and demonstrated the product. Governor Deval Patrick attracted EarlySense to Massachusetts as part of his trade mission to Israel, where EarlySense is based. I was introduced to the company a couple years ago by a client who was impressed with the technology, but Avner and I actually go way back. Until ┬árecently, the last time I saw Avner was at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC 27 years ago when Senator Bob Packwood gave the commencement address to the Walt Whitman High School graduating class, of which Avner and I were both members.

In this podcast interview Avner discusses the company, its technology, and the decision to locate in Massachusetts.

April 4, 2012

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