Interview with new Castlight Health President John Driscoll

This morning Castlight Health named former Medco executive John Driscoll as its new President. In this podcast interview John describes his new role and the opportunities he’s looking forward to. Topics include:

  • How John plans to partner with CEO Dr. Giovanni Colella
  • How lessons from the PBM field can be applied to Castlight’s transparency model
  • What Castlight plans to do with its recent $100 million Series D investment
  • The potential impact of the upcoming Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare and the Presidential election
May 15, 2012

2 thoughts on “Interview with new Castlight Health President John Driscoll”

  1. It’s a great company with smart money behind it. However, I think the political environment is riskier than Mr. Driscoll suggests.

    Castlight’s target market (as I understand it) is self-insured, ERISA-covered, employers. Many of these firms will shed coverage if PPACA is upheld, because many analyses (e.g. McKinsey & Co.) show that it is beneficial for many employers (of all sizes) to drop coverage and send employees into the Health Benefits Exchanges.

    On the other hand, if PPACA is overthrown (either by SCOTUS or the voters in November), I anticipate the Republicans will finally move to a universal tax deduction or credit such that the individual market will be the default, not the residual. This will also threaten ERISA (although Republicans don’t seem to realize that yet.)

    Nevertheless, I expect that Castlight will be flexible enough to respond to either of these outcomes.

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