Is Senator Scott Brown a hypocrite for taking advantage of ObamaCare?

It’s been a pretty good week for Scott Brown as he seeks to defend his Senate seat against challenger Elizabeth Warren. After Brown demonstrated his manliness by sinking a half-court basketball shot, he found a juicy issue in the fact that Warren had listed herself as a minority based on some tenuous claims to Native American ancestry. All this has overshadowed a kerfuffle over Brown taking advantage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, aka ObamaCare) to keep his 20-something daughter on his health insurance plan, even though he rails against the law and ran on a platform of being the vote to defeat it.

I like Elizabeth Warren and will probably vote for her, but I don’t fault Brown for his move. First, his daughter might have been eligible for coverage under Massachusetts’ health reform law (assuming he’s claimed her as a dependent). Brown isn’t against the Massachusetts law (aka RomneyCare). Second, there’s nothing really wrong with taking advantage of a law one disagrees with, assuming one isn’t claiming it’s immoral.

On the other hand, Brown has faulted Warren for not voluntarily paying higher taxes even though she supports the Buffet Rule, which would exact higher taxes from millionaires. If it’s hypocritical for Warren not to put her money where her mouth is on taxes, then Brown should probably not be indulging in the benefits of ObamaCare.


May 2, 2012

One thought on “Is Senator Scott Brown a hypocrite for taking advantage of ObamaCare?”

  1. Where is that “individual responsibility” on the part of the Senator’s daughter that is such a central theme for the Republicans? Alas, as we have all noticed, broader philosophical ideologies often melt away when we focus on our own survival and the comfort of our family.

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