Cutting chaos from clinical communications — interview with PerfectServe CEO Terry Edwards

Embedded in every hospital is a morass of specific rules for contacting physicians. Each doctor has his or her own preferred contact method that depends on time of day, who’s calling, what the situation is, etc. High volume, variable, manual processes like that are inefficient and lead to delays and errors. In a medical environment such processes can have serious consequences on the well-being of patients.

In this podcast interview, Terry Edwards, founder and CEO of PerfectServe, describes the current state in more detail and explains how his company’s solutions help bring the chaos under control by making it easier for physicians and nurses to connect with one another—while enabling physicians to selectively filter and control the communications they receive.

Among the topics we cover are:

  • How the value proposition varies between a hospital and a physician practice
  • Whether this approach represents re-engineering or merely paving the cow paths
  • What happens if not all the doctors implement the system
  • How data generated through the operations of the system is used to monitor the system and extract best practices
  • The potential to use the information for “big data” approaches such as analyzing referral patterns, impact on patient experience, and more
June 18, 2012

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