CareZone CEO Jonathan Schwartz touts new broadcast, calendar features

Last time I sat down with Jonathan Schwartz was in Middletown, CT in 1988, when he counseled me on how to make the most of my upcoming summer internship with McKinsey & Co. After that our paths diverged. Jonathan eventually went on to become CEO of Sun Microsystems. Now he’s co-founder and CEO of CareZone, an online family resource for caregivers.

CareZone differentiates itself through its emphasis on privacy and its view of the user as the customer. That’s different from most online services that focus on meeting the needs of advertisers and data miners. In this podcast interview Jonathan describes CareZone and explains its new broadcast feature (to distribute voice updates to extended families and track who’s heard the message) and calendar (to share a schedule and assign tasks, such as taking a patient to the doctor.)


November 13, 2012

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