Venture capital in Upstate New York: Interview with Stonehenge's Brian Model

Venture capitalists and their investments are clustered in major hubs such as Silicon Valley, Boston, and New York City. But there are plenty of promising entrepreneurial ideas and business leaders elsewhere. Brian Model, Managing Director of Stonehenge Growth Capital in New York City specializes in investing in Upstate New York. We first met a few years ago while serving on the board of Rochester-based iCardiac Technologies. I was intrigued by his approach, which he has since cemented by becoming president of the Upstate Venture Association of NY (UVANY) and attracting $6M in funds from the Innovate NY seed fund.

In this podcast interview Brian discusses opportunities and challenges of investing in Upstate businesses, offers advice for entrepreneurs outside of mainstream VC markets, and shares insights about other health care/information technology investments including eHealth Technologies and Medidata Solutions.

November 16, 2012

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