Waking up? GOP Governors want to talk to Obama about health reform

Republican Governors had been busy talking at –rather than with– the Administration about the Affordable Care Act. Now that President Obama has won re-election their tune is changing at least somewhat. Eleven Governors sent a letter asking to meet with the President to discuss the ACA and in particular to make their case that there should be more flexibility in how the law is rolled out. Signatories include Florida’s Rick Scott and Arizona’s Jan Brewer, both of whom have publicly insulted the President in the past.

No doubt there is some merit to the idea that states should have some flexibility in how they undertake health reform. On the other hand, by opposing the passage and implementation of Obamacare so vigorously –including suing the Feds, refusing to set up state health insurance exchanges, and opposing Medicaid expansion– these Governors have really been picking a fight.

Maybe the Governors should start their meeting with the President with an apology, because at this point the President is justified in shoving Obamacare down their throats.

December 14, 2012

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