Hospital Clowns meet the Boston Globe

Hearts & Noses
Hearts & Noses

The Hearts & Noses Hospital Clown Troupe, where I’m chairman of the board, is a great organization that provides professionally trained volunteer clowns to hospitalized children in Massachusetts, and trains other hospital clowns from around the US and the world.

So I’m excited to see a feature article about the clowns (Getting silly where the work is serious) on the front cover of the Boston Globe’s “g” section. Author Joseph P. Kahn does an excellent job of explaining what the clowns do to empower children, and the amount of effort and training that goes into preparing the clowns for their gigs.

I’m particularly proud of the work we do with some of the most severely ill and disabled children, and that we are now working with children who are hospitalized for mental illness –kids who have no outsiders but us visiting them. The article quotes our medical director, Dr. Michael Agus (a critical care physician) and Dr. Albert Hyman (child psychiatrist) along with several clowns, our executive director, and me.

Oh, and if you’d like to donate to this great cause, please click here!

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams of the Health Business Group

June 26, 2014

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