Cavalcade of Risk #218

Where you headed?
Where you headed?

Welcome to the 218th running of the Cavalcade. Has it really been that many since InsureBlog’s Hank Stern started it up? Wow!

In case you’re wondering what Hank is up to these days, he’s participating in the American Cancer Society’s annual walk to raise money for research. You know the odds –the risks of getting cancer are too darn high. I’ve donated to Hank’s cause and you can do the same right here.

But with all that walking Hank still finds time for blogging. InsureBlog takes a New York Times blogger to task, explaining how risk transfer in insurance really works.

Creating innovative medical treatment and technologies is risky.  How does society motivate individuals to create these innovations?  Healthcare Economist reviews one proposal on the topic.

You may want to childproof your vacation. Kids can get in to trouble anywhere and at any time. At home, if you’re smart, you’re already covered. Overseas you need more help. Chatswood Moneyblog explains with a few examples.

Do you know how Experience Modification premiums are calculated for workers comp? Workers Comp Roundup helps us sort out gross payroll, losses, job classification codes and more to make it all add up.

On the Health Business Blog, I write about how even well informed patients who thought they did all their research can still get surprised by massive medical bills.

The next host will be Russell Hutchinson from Chatswood Moneyblog.

photo credit: kyz via photopin cc

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams of the Health Business Group


October 1, 2014

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