Wellness revisited: Interview with ShapeUp CEO Rajiv Kumar

Rajiv Kumar, MD, CEO of ShapeUp
Rajiv Kumar, MD, CEO of ShapeUp

Are you skeptical of wellness programs? Me, too. Employers who think investing in wellness will drive down medical costs will learn otherwise, if they haven’t already. But that doesn’t mean wellness isn’t desirable or that employers shouldn’t provide wellness benefits.

In this podcast interview, ShapeUp CEO Rajiv Kumar provides his perspective on how the scope of wellness is broadening to encompass wellbeing and social wellness. He doesn’t make a strong case for an ROI on healthcare costs, which is refreshing.

Listen in and make your own judgment. Here’s a guide to the audio:

  1. How do you define wellness ?(0:12)
  2. Why is the definition shifting toward wellbeing? (1:27)
  3. What is “social wellness?” (3:15)
  4. Can you provide real-world examples of innovative wellness programs? (4:54)
  5. Do wellness programs save money on healthcare costs? (6:18)
  6. What trends do you see in wellness over the next few years? (10:45)
  7. What’s your sweet spot in the market? What’s your target customer? (13:08)

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams, president of Health Business Group.

March 12, 2015

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