How many self-employed research associates does it take to change a light bulb?

I loved LinkedIn. I really do. The connections I’ve made on the platform have been useful for professional networking. I often use it to find industry experts, research job candidates, share updates, and learn about new topic areas.

I get quite a few requests to connect, probably because I include my LinkedIn profile on this blog. I check out the backgrounds of people I don’t know personally; if they are experienced people in the healthcare field I often accept.

But since the summer I’ve been receiving a lot of spam invitations. A very high percentage are from people describing themselves as “Research Associate at Self-Employed.” What does that even mean?

My best guess is this kind of spam or phishing attempt. I tried contacting LinkedIn about it in July, but no luck. Still, the invites continue unabated. Here are some from the past few days:

Screenshot 2015-10-15 11.39.54 Screenshot 2015-10-15 11.39.33 Screenshot 2015-10-15 11.38.43

LinkedIn better get this under control or it will hurt them and may cause damage to others.

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams, president of Health Business Group.

October 15, 2015

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