Vision Zero: The poem

Oops, didn't see that coming
Oops, didn’t see that coming

My father, Allan F. Williams is a renowned highway safety expert, sometimes called the Grandfather of Graduated Licensing. He retired from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as Chief Scientist in 2004.

Recently he told me about Vision Zero, a Swedish notion, now popular in the US, that there should be no deaths or serious injuries on the highways. But one problem with this idea is that about three-quarters of people think they are superior drivers and that the highway safety problem is due to the “other” driver.

He wrote a little poem to explain what’s happening on the roads.

Good Driver, Bad Driver

I’m a highly skilled driver, and you are not,

I know, I’ve seen enough of your lot.

You bumble around, get in my way,

Your feeble talents on full display.

Rules of the road are meant for you,

Whereas I can flout them, and often do

I speed, I phone, I drive with flair

And never, ever, make any error

Vision zero is a reality,

With fewer of you and more drivers like me.

Allan Williams, 4/4/16

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By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams, president of Health Business Group.

April 5, 2016

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