Kindly Care streamlines home care hiring. Podcast with CEO Igor Lebovic


Kindly Care got its start by helping families hire, onboard, manage and compensate caregivers. Now it is expanding its offering with Care Exchange, which allows home care agencies to collaborate.

I interviewed CEO Igor Lebovic to find out more.

  1. (0:10) What is the problem you are addressing with Kindly Care?
  2. (0:37) How did you decide to pursue this market?
  3. (2:32) You say you meet the caregivers. How do you meet them?
  4. (3:58) How much overlap is there between what you do and what Nanny Tax companies do?
  5. (4:58) You just launched Care Exchange. What is it?
  6.  (6:10) I’m confused. Are you disintermediating agencies or are you working with them?
  7. (8:52) and Honor sound like they are doing something similar. How are you different?
  8. (10:28) How are you funded? What are your hopes and aspirations?

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams, president of Health Business Group.

December 6, 2016

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