Evan Falchuk (I), Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, Discusses Healthcare Policy with David E. Williams

Interview on Health Business Blog with United Independent Party candidate is third in a series of nine podcasts with candidates for Governor of Massachusetts conducted by healthcare business consultant David E. Williams, president of the Health Business Group

PRLog (Press Release) – Mar. 2, 2014 – BOSTON — Candidate for Governor Evan Falchuk and his United Independent Party are trying to reach the majority of Massachusetts voters who are unenrolled in a political party. David E. Williams has published a podcast interview with Falchuk on the Health Business Blog: https://healthbusinessblog.com/2014/03/02/evan-falchuk-candidate-for-governor-of-massachusetts-speaks-with-the-health-business-blog

Williams’ interview with Falchuk, which is the third in a series that will feature each of Massachusetts’ nine gubernatorial candidates, covered a variety of important healthcare topics including: healthcare reform, cost containment, price disparities, health information technology, children’s health, Hepatitis C, and more. Some of Falchuk’s remarks are excerpted below.

On the hospital market:

— “We’re seeing a monopolistic market structure going on in Massachusetts, where you’ve got a small number of hospital systems that have control of 72% of the market.”

— “As we’re seeing now, with the planned acquisition by Partners of South Shore Hospital, there are some serious concerns about the extent to which that kind of market concentration causes the kind of increased prices that are driving healthcare costs in our state.”

On adoption of electronic medical records

— “”Why, in an industry that is as innovative as healthcare, have we seen slow adoption rates of electronic medical records? I suspect part of the answer is that hospitals are able to get away with being very inefficient in the way that they deliver service.  They can just charge the insurance company or the government for their inefficiency.”

On the value of his experience running Best Doctors

— ““Best Doctors is a fascinating company that’s totally focused on making sure that each patient has the right diagnosis when they’re facing an illness. This issue of making sure you got the right diagnosis before you go ahead and start treating someone is hugely important.  In public policy… it’s really the same type of thing. I think very often it’s easy to treat symptoms rather than disease and to miss the underlying causes in an effort to take quick action to move something forward.”

Williams said, “I initiated this interview series to provide Massachusetts voters with an opportunity to hear Mr. Falchuk and the other candidates provide detailed views on healthcare issues, which are so central to this state.”

A complete, no-cost podcast of the interview is available for immediate download from Williams’ award-winning Health Business Blog at http://healthbusinessblog.com/2014/03/02/evan-falchuk-candidate-for-governor-of-massachusetts-speaks-with-the-health-business-blog. A transcript is also available.

Interviews with Massachusetts’ eight other gubernatorial candidates will be uploaded to the blog over the next two weeks.

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