Jeff McCormick (I), Massachusetts Candidate for Governor, Discusses Healthcare Policy with David E. Williams

Interview on Health Business Blog with venture capitalist and independent candidate McCormick is fourth in a series of nine podcasts with candidates for Governor of Massachusetts conducted by healthcare business consultant David E. Williams, president of the Health Business Group

PRLog (Press Release) – Mar. 4, 2014 – BOSTON — Massachusetts residents heading to the polls this November to cast their vote for the state’s next Governor can visit the Health Business Blog at to listen to and read David E. Williams’ one-on-one interview with independent gubernatorial candidate and venture capitalist Jeff McCormick.

Williams’ interview with McCormick, which is the fourth in a series that will feature each of Massachusetts’ nine gubernatorial candidates, covered a variety of important healthcare topics including: healthcare reform, cost containment, price disparities, health information technology, children’s health, Hepatitis C, and more. Some of McCormick’s remarks are excerpted below.

On the Massachusetts health care cost containment law:

— “Healthcare is a curious industry in that often patients have no idea what they’re paying for services, and sometimes the providers don’t either. [This law] changes that dynamic somewhat; more information is always a good thing when it comes to consumers making choices.”

On the state’s role in addressing the wide variation in hospital prices:

— “The state can play a part, but prices need to be available to the consumer, and consumers need to shop around and act like consumers. We have to figure out ways to align the interests of patients and providers.”

— “When you’re asking if the state should take a step and truly manage the rates, market forces usually do a pretty efficient job once we break down some of these other barriers.

On the ballot question mandating nurse staffing ratios:

— “We need to be very careful that we don’t get in the business of legislating the internal management practices or contracts between hospitals and their nurses. The nurses need to be at the table.”

Williams said, “I initiated this interview series to provide Massachusetts voters with an opportunity to hear Mr. McCormick and the other candidates provide detailed views on healthcare issues, which are so central to this state.”

A complete, no-cost podcast of the interview is available for immediate download from Williams’ award-winning Health Business Blog at A transcript is also available.

Interviews with Massachusetts’ eight other gubernatorial candidates will be uploaded to the blog over the next two weeks.

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