Martha Coakley (D), Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, Discusses Healthcare with David E. Williams

Interview on Health Business Blog with Attorney General Martha Coakley is sixth in a series of nine podcasts with candidates for Governor of Massachusetts conducted by healthcare business consultant David E. Williams, president of the Health Business Group

PRLog (Press Release) – Mar. 6, 2014 – BOSTON — Massachusetts residents heading to the polls to cast their vote for the state’s next Governor can now visit the Health Business Blog at… to listen to and read David E. Williams’ one-on-one interview with Democratic gubernatorial candidate and current Attorney General, Martha Coakley.

Williams’ interview with Coakley, which is the sixth in a series that will feature each of Massachusetts’ nine gubernatorial candidates, covered a variety of important healthcare topics including: healthcare reform, cost containment, price disparities, health information technology, children’s health, Hepatitis C, and more. Some of Coakley’s remarks are excerpted below.

On the Massachusetts healthcare reform law:

— ““This statute is the right way to go for now… It gives us the tools in the short run we need, but also gives us the flexibility that if we need to change it later… that is built into this legislation.”

On hospital price disparities:

— “We developed the concept of total medical expenses and metrics to measure the value of what hospitals are doing, particularly in areas that you can measure… We needed to look at whether they were being reimbursed in a fair way for the total medical expenses involved in that service.”

On children’s health:

— “We can save money down the road if we focus on pediatric issues and make sure that we provide kids good healthcare when they’re sick and good prevention to help them be healthy adults.”

On mental health:

— “In 2014, Massachusetts, with our great doctors, with our advances in biopharmaceuticals should be able to both reduce that stigma and make sure people have access to care. Both for kids and for adults, getting help for a mental or behavioral illness should be no different than getting help for diabetes.”

Williams said, “I initiated this interview series to provide Massachusetts voters with an opportunity to hear Ms. Coakley and the other candidates provide detailed views on healthcare issues, which are so central to this state.”

A complete, no-cost podcast of the interview is available for immediate download from Williams’ award-winning Health Business Blog at…

A transcript is also available.

Interviews with Massachusetts eight other gubernatorial candidates will be uploaded to the blog over the next two weeks.

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