Medication information strategy for major pharmacy chain

A major retail pharmacy chain asked Health Business Group to undertake a review of its medication information offerings. The client had assigned ownership for the project to the online group, but we encouraged the company to view the opportunity more broadly than simply a website content strategy. We conducted data gathering and analysis in three areas:

Consumer demand, to determine how important medication information is to consumers and to zero in on key areas of interest
Competitive differentiation, to learn what competitors were doing and what the client could do that others could not Client business drivers, to assess how the client could leverage medication information to drive business results
We spent time behind the counter in a variety of retail stores, observing the work of the pharmacists and other staff and developing an understanding of their needs. We developed mockups of potential medication information offerings and participated in focus groups with several segments of consumers to identify those that were most compelling.

Working with a client team we developed a framework to categorize different types of medication information and to assess them on criteria such as their dependency on in-store pharmacists, customer segments addressed, level of differentiation, and ease of implementation.

We developed an overall strategy and a rollout plan for the client’s entire retail network.

December 1, 2017