Tufts Health Plan CEO Tom Croswell on value based care (podcast)

March 5, 2018


Tufts Health Plan CEO Tom Croswell is a veteran of the health plan world. I sat down with him recently to discuss value based care, collaboration, diversity and how Tufts tries to set itself apart in a crowded market. Tufts is best known for serving Massachusetts but is also expanding into neighboring states. It has a joint venture in New Hampshire and just announced its entry into Connecticut in partnership with Hartford HealthCare.


  • (0:08) What’s the outlook for value based care? Have the attacks on Obamacare taken a toll?
  • (1:15) Tufts got started in a value based way. Say more about that history.
  • (3:55) You talked about partnering. Who are the partners? How do you work with them?
  • (5:29) Do health plans need to take an adversarial role with providers? Does your collaborative approach actually work?
  • (7:42) Does collaboration just work in Eastern Massachusetts? Or can it work more universally, including your new market of Connecticut?
  • (8:59) Let me ask you about a couple of other buzzwords: diversity and inclusion. What do those words mean to you?
  • (11:02) Are there particular things you do at Tufts on diversity and inclusion related to your own workforce?
  • (12:36) Can you measure the impact of your policies and activities?
  • (13:54) Are you optimistic or pessimistic about 2018?
  • (15:00) How do you think about differentiating Tufts Health Plan from all the other strong players out there?

By healthcare business consultant David E. Williams, president of Health Business Group.

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